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To keep myself busy during my paternity leave from work, I tried to write and record one song each day for the entire month of May. Most of them were done in a much shorter amount of time (minutes) because it was super late at night or my days were busier than I had expected.
After the first two days and the birth of my son on the third, I began learning what taking care of a newborn is like (I concede, you were right, obnoxious coworkers and acquaintances who repeatedly assured me I had never actually been tired before) and I started realizing how daunting this new task would be.
Nonetheless I made it to, like, 16 I think, missing a few days in the beginning while we lived in a hospital. A couple of these songs are barely passible as songs, a couple are ambient, and a couple are surprisingly listenable. Most were recorded on my phone's voice memo app. I hope you enjoy.


released June 11, 2016



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Dreamsea Pittsfield, Massachusetts

My parents made me

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Track Name: Famotidine
Pepcid AC is keeping me asleep
A-C-I-D reflux sucks fuck me
Someone kill me, I just need some sleep
P-L-E-A-S-E get me some famotidine
Track Name: The Weekend
I asked the doctor if she thought we would be alright. She said 'don't worry but if labor doesn't start tonight, Tuesday morning we'll induce her by the dawn's light.' I googled every scenario that I could find.
Then I thought about the sunlight in your purple hair. The way it glistened while we listened to the stream where I knew I loved you and the journey that we started there, 39 weeks ago.
If we could make it to the weekend, we could totally make it through the weekend.
Track Name: Windover
I've been up all night trying to swaddle you. You cry but it's alright, I don't know what to do. Call them for help. they'll send Windover.
I've been up all night trying to calm you. You know it's all right I just don't know what to do. So then, what now? We've been through four movies and eaten a whole cake while crying. Please call Windover.
Track Name: Earl Grey Vanilla Latte
Late last night I woke and realized as I spoke into your eyes, this is the first time I've ever been so deeply into anything.
Track Name: The Plea
Take me home, put me to bed, I'm so tired.
Track Name: The Break
I swear to God I concede defeat, I only wanted some lunch to eat but if you're taking this to the street, why don't you quit your job? You're raising money to lynch the mob, and you could save for a new guitar.
Track Name: Say Goodnight
Can I just say goodnight and watch you sleep a while? Cuz these days, they mean a lot, and sometime relatively soon they'll be forgot, but let's hope not.
Track Name: The Wrong Sriracha
Why the fuck did I open this? I can't retract! This hot sauce tastes like anchovy extract. I didn't mean to buy this smelly fish sauce. I should eat my tongue and suffer taste loss.